Most high-paying jobs are within the energy and resource industry that does business in the Wright area. Wright is located in the southern end of the Powder River Basin surrounded by mining of coal and uranium as well as oil and gas development. Great opportunities exist in minerals extraction. Two of North America’s largest open pit coal mines, Black Thunder Mine and North Antelope Rochelle Mine, located with 25 miles of Wright are the largest employers in the area. Oil and gas field operations and uranium in-situ mining services also offer ample options for employment.

Wright’s Major Employers
Company Full Time Employees
CCH Wright Clinic 6
Cottonwood Elementary 50
Don’s Grocery 20
Hanks/Reno Junction Travel Plaza 9
Napa Auto Parts 5
R&B Tire 5
Rasmussen Eletric 6
SKV 12
Town of Wright 11
Tru-Tech 3
Western Cable 12
Wright Hotel Open Range Steakhouse 17
Wright Jr/Sr High School 56
*Source: 2014 Town of Wright

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