Durham Bison Ranch Tours

Bison, commonly referred to as “buffalo”, sustained the Plains Indian people for many generations. In 1830, there were still an estimated 40-60 million buffalo roaming the Great Plains. By the late 1880’s, this magnificent animal was dangerously close to extinction.

Now, thanks to many ranchers and conservationists, the bison population stands at upwards of 400,000 in North America.

The Durham Ranch Tour will let folks adventure through time and experience one of the world’s largest and oldest working buffalo ranches. With around 3,000 bison currently on 65,000 acres, Durham Ranch has been actively engaged in the raising of bison since the mid 1960s.

Learn about the animal that is a main symbol of the western U.S. as well as how Durham Ranch manages its resources holistically; maintaining a large herd of grazing animals while improving the rangelands they live in. See the special working facilities for the buffalo that have been designed and developed over the last 45 years. There are photo opportunities galore on this interesting, enlightening tour.

The ranch provides a walk–on guide and the fee for this 1.5–2 hour tour is $400 for the first bus. If there are multiple busses for the same group, the fee is reduced to $300 for each bus thereafter.

On-site, catered ranch meals are available to fit any group’s budget. We can also arrange dinner at the locally owned and operated Open Range Steakhouse featuring Durham Ranch bison.

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